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Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures

Posted Sep 14 2008 6:14pm

(Posted by Patrick Sullivan Jr.)

Kevin Trudeau's book, Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You to Know About has sold over 1 million copies almost exclusively via infomercial. It's not so much that the infomercial is well-produced or flashy in any way, it's just that the story Kevin is telling/selling is very convincing to a large audience.

Essentially, Kevin tapped into an audience with a "worldview" that believes, "The FDA, Pharma cartel, etc. really doesn't want me to know about natural cures...but I want to know what they are!" and wrapped it in a nice, easy to purchase, "package" of a book.

UNFORTUNATELY, the book itself is garbage, according to the overwhelming majority of reviews on (Average rating is 2 out of 5 stars.) Here's two examples:

"Natural cures I won't tell you about, unless you spend more money. That should be the title of this book."

"If you buy it after reading this, you are an idiot and deserve to have your money stripped away to fund Trudeau's next money-making scheme."

I have not read this book, but from what I know about it, there are really no answers that you couldn't find for free by doing a google search (or just going straight to ).

Sadly, while the story itself sells well, the product delivered doesn't even come close to meeting expectations. So the story itself is disingenuous. And by being disingenuous, Trudeau has managed to piss off about 975,000 people! (Who are now, of course, more suspect of those telling stories about "natural cures".)

As Seth Godin writes in his book, " All Marketers are Liars," effective marketers tell a story to an audience with a like-minded "worldview". Mr. Trudeau has been a very effective at story telling, just not in book form!

Fortunately, there are no reviews like this for my book. But I hardly expect to bat a thousand with positive reviews forever!

UPDATE 1/23/06: Since posting this 6 months ago, I have skimmed through Natural Cures, and I have changed mind slightly about Trudeau and his book. As other commenters on this blog have mentioned, there are actually some good suggestions in this book (though I still contend that the same suggestions could easily be found for free online) and following these suggestions, several commentors on this blog have changed their health for the better. That is wonderful!

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