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Just Why Does My Cold Get Worse At Night?

Posted Oct 20 2010 12:00am

Good Evening Everyone!

Okay, so the cold season is really hitting it’s stride here in the Newmark home as my wife and I are both fighting against the same common cold.

And while we are both taking stuff ( any type of Vicks Theraflu and or Nyquil meds ) it just seems that the cold just gets worse in the evenings,,,and I want to know why?

Well, there are several answers that mostly seem similar, but this is the one answer that caught my eye…

” The main reason for cold and flu symptoms to worsen at night is due to cortisol levels in your body . Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland. It works on a 24 hour cycle where a person’s highest level of cortisol is during the day- and lessens as the day ends. When your body has its highest level of cortisol (during the day) it actually effects T-cell growth, preventing the immune system to work at its full potential.

At night, cortisol levels drop, allowing the immune system to kick in. Believe it or not, you actually feel slightly worse when your immune system is hard at work. (ie. congestion is worse- this is because your body is actually breaking up the mucus, causing a worse sensation. The same applies to a worse cough, stuffier nose, etc.)

Also, as gravity has it, if you are in bed laying down, this tends to allow congestion to settle more and your nose not to drain as well as if you were standing upright. “

Now, the reason why I found this particular explanation the most appropo is due to the mention of something that I’m sure a lot of us are familiar with by now and that’s ” Cortisol ” which I already did an article on which was titled The Importance of Cortisol When Weaning Off Prednisone, now I also find out that cortisol levels also play a part in the process of just how our bodies deal with colds at night.

Okay, so now that I’ve found out this little bit of information, I am really appreciating cortisol…and I wish it was on overdrive 24/7!

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