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Just What Is Central Nervous System Vasculitis?

Posted Apr 14 2010 12:00am

A little while ago, I did a short post about a fundraiser for a former firefighter out of Greenville, Texas who was suffering from a vascular condition called Central Nervous System Vasculitis, and earlier today I came upon an article from the site Wise Geek ( there’s a name that will stay with you! ) that I wanted to share a small part of the post here…

Blood vessel inflammation that affects the brain and spinal cord is known as CNS or Central Nervous System Vasculitis . A condition that induces structural changes to the walls of the affected blood vessels, CNS vasculitis may occur as a primary angiitis, or vasculitis, of the central nervous system (PACNS) or in a milder form referred to as benign angiopathy of the central nervous system (BACNS). Treatment for central nervous system vasculitis is dependent on the form the condition adopts.

Clinically speaking, there is no difference between PACNS and BACNS when it comes to symptom manifestation. Individuals with CNS vasculitis experience predominantly neurological symptoms similar to those associated with a stroke that may include headache, confusion and memory deficits, and seizure. Additional symptoms may include vision problems and localized bleeding within the central nervous system. Individuals with a diagnosis of PACNS have a form of CNS vasculitis that adversely affects both small and medium sized blood vessels and is confined to the central nervous system. Those with BACNS are diagnosed with a milder form of CNS vasculitis referred to as reversible vasoconstrictive disease, which is characterized by blood vessel constriction and spasms. “

Okay, you can read the full article or post if you will here .

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