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Jogging safely

Posted by Lara I.

I usually work out in a gym, but yesterday I went running. I found that after just a short period of time, my knees and ankles were killing me. Anyone know how I can keep my joints safe with high impact exercise?
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A few tips I've picked up along the way:. 1) Definitely warm up before hand for about 5 or 10 minutes. When you stretch out your muscles, this decreases tension and improves your range of motion; it also reduces any chance of injury. 2) Don't exert yourself too much; rather, pace yourself. Start out slow for a while, then speed up gradually. 3) Make sure you select the right shoes; this means your heel should be snug and the shoe doesn't slide up or down. Comfort, support, durability--these are all important. It's also a good idea to alternate between different shoes to prolong shoe life. 4) Cool down after your jog by slowing down or walking. Muscles that aren't conditioned like this are more likely to sustain injuries.
Knee and ankle guards. One of my ankles hurt as well when I run, snowboard, or go on exerting hikes. The thing that I find that helps is an ankle guard. It helps to support your ankle so that pain does not occur. Knee guards may also help your knees. Running takes a huge toll on your joints and knees so protecting them may be beneficial and hopefully will help to alleviate some or all of the discomfort that you may be feeling. The knee and ankle guards can be found in Target or you can talk to your doctor about them. The thing with the doctor is that you get to try them on and see what size fits instead of guessing which size to buy at the store.
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