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Job Change?

Posted Jun 11 2010 10:15am
It would be the unusual situation to never have a moment of, "I wonder if the grass is greener..." I think I'm having mine today.

It's a rounding weekend for me with the residency program at the hospital some thirty miles from my small town practice and first thing this morning the residency program director pulled me aside to let me know the big news--he was stepping down as director. There was no big political reason or dislike of the job here. He had done it for several years now and had lasted as long as most program directors do. It was time for a change for him.

At first when he mentioned that I should apply for the job I laughed since I could easily rattle off at least a few other more qualified internal candidates, but he made his case and I suddenly realized he wasn't joking around. The soon-to-be former program director, someone I know well, and who knows my skills wants me to consider it. Just based on that I think I should consider it.

Leave my small town practice to move over to be the program director of a family medicine residency program? I could see lots of headaches in that role, but then I have lots of headaches now. Could I leave my patients? I'd get new ones I'd become bonded to. It's crazy, I'm not even qualified for the job. Something to think about though.

The Country Doctor
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