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Jean Duley emerges from undisclosed location after 18 months to bolster FBI's case against Ivins

Posted Mar 06 2010 12:00am
Jean Duley gave Anderson Cooper the scoop (watch the video!) on Bruce Ivins.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but a few facts are in order. Ms Duley was well known to the Maryland police. Her past charges included possessing narcotics paraphernalia, battery, and many DUIs, including a guilty plea 3 months before Ivins' death.

Whether the FBI used the carrot or the stick to elicit a litany of Ivins' alleged confessed crimes from the mouth of Duley, and to variously put her in front of the TV cameras or hide her from the press, the fact remains she has been the only person to publicly allege that Ivins previously attempted murder and planned other crimes. None of Ivins' psychiatrists or past therapists, nor any of Duley's supervising mental health professionals, have supported any of Duley's allegations. Had Ivins confessed to carrying out or planning such crimes, the law would have required Duley's supervising physician to call in the police much earlier. In fact, Ivins had no police record whatsoever in Maryland.

Remember, Duley had only just received a Bachelors Degree when she was put in the position of counselling Ivins for substance abuse. She has neither the training nor experience to comment to the media on Ivins' psychological pathologies, let alone treat them. She was not qualified to do anything more than substance abuse work, and as someone who had fallen off the wagon, was not even qualified for that.

However, her long prior experience as a member of a biker gang and multisubstance abuser since age 10 may have given her information about control and bondage, etc.

Ms. Duley is as pathetic a figure as Bruce Ivins. Her short career is over. She is a marionette in a theatrical piece, who will fade into obscurity now that she's helped "clinch" the FBI's case.
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