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Jealousy and Resentment

Posted Sep 04 2010 12:00am
Jealousy and Resentment!
Jealousy and Resentment are two of the more misunderstood emotions we all have within us. Most do not realize that these two emotions cause many illnesses in almost every area of our bodies, minds, and souls. Or, exacerbate existing conditions.

Emotionally jealousy and resentment are very painful. Both these
emotions cause emotional pain to themselves and those they use them on. To the victim or target of these emotions, the effects can cause many emotional illnesses such as Chronic Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, Headaches, Low Self Esteem and more.
 The person sending this negativity is already inside the depression they cause others.  They want others to feel the same pain they are experiencing. 
Physically these two very negative emotions are very stressful. This stress causes many diseases to grow in our bodies. Stress has linked depression and many more illnesses.

 Spiritually, Jealousy and resentment are very negative dark cold
feelings. Jealousy and Resentment puts out such negative feelings that they have been known to cause many diseases.
As humans we have been programmed to hide our true feelings to manipulate everyone into believing we are "NICE PEOPLE". The truth is that a truly nice person would be honest and disciplining ourselves not to allow ourselves to hide our feelings much less allow our jealousies to remain without dealing with them properly.
It has been proven through scientific experimentation that emotions have a great deal more to do with why our health problems are so much greater today than years past.
Jealousy is that hateful ugly feeling that comes over any of us when we are insecure of our space, friendships, jobs, marriages or turf is being invaded and taken over by another. Or, when they feel someone is more successful in their life.

A jealous person instantly becomes angry when attention is paid to another as opposed to our selves. Jealousy feels as though a bottom was just dropped out of our guts. Fear and insecurities becomes present.
One example of a jealous instance is when two people are talking and they have each others undivided attention, another person walks into the room and the first conversation ends. This new person is now getting this attention. The person now without this undivided attention then begins to project very negative, nasty feelings.
This nastiness can be hidden to the naked eye but the emotions fill the air and all parties become emotionally touchy from this negative energy. People can become passive/aggressive. Outwardly, all sweet and love and inside seething deep, dark resentments.
Resentment is that ugly feeling that comes right after the jealous twinge. Especially when the jealous person does not get what is desired. This resentment grows and that great feeling of kinship or love once felt for their friend is rendered to total negativity.
People seem to be under the impression that resenting has to be done before they are able to forgive. That is just an excuse to get even and feed our egos.

Resentment is when someone hurts another in some form and they decide to get him or her back. Hence the term: "Payback Is A Bitch". Many times this resentment is done in total manipulation and the victim rarely knows they are being attacked.

You can usually tell whether a person is jealous and resentful by the way they react in certain circumstances. Their mood changes at the entrance of another person, they get defensive and refuse to talk about the issue at hand, they take control using deceit and manipulation. This all comes out in the "head games" played when a person is allowing them selves to be jealous, resentful or a combination of both.
Two people are having a conversation. One gets defensive and becomes over-bearing. When this negative attitude is brought to their attention and it is made clear that this is not the way one should communicate they get angry and end the conversation. Being a caring person you may continue to try to resolve the situation and get the communication back on track but they walk out or hang up the phone repeatedly. 
Finally they just don't talk to you or answer the phone at all, and even have others ball faced lies told about them.  Usually the reason for this over-bearing attitude and defensiveness is due to the fact that the person they were communicating with has information the negative person wanted to know more about.
Real Self Control is controlling the use of our emotions where, how, when, how much ect. Self Control does not control the other guy's!
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