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IVF treatment is cost effective and should be funded by the government

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:17am

IVF treatment is cost effective and should be funded by the government: "IVF costs cannot be considered in isolation. Every baby born after NHS IVF treatment carries a price-tag of 13,000 pounds, but its economic influence does not end there. Even after its education, child benefit and healthcare are paid for, it will contribute, on average, a net 147,138 pounds to the Exchequer throughout its lifetime. It pays for itself by the age of 31 in tax alone: the model does not include the wealth it creates in the private sector. The “break-even” point is just two years older than for naturally conceived children, who contribute a net 160,069 pounds . This suggests that failing to fund IVF is a classic false economy. The investment might cost a little now, but it will be paid back many times over in the future."
This study proves that IVF is cost effective. In fact, IVF babies usually make excellent citizens, because infertile couples usually make excellent parents ! They usually invest much more time and energy on their children than most other parents do !

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