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IVF-FAQs - After the embryo transfer - Do’s and don’ts during 2ww

Posted Apr 04 2013 9:56pm


•    Take your medicines properly.
•    Continue with your everyday normal activity.
•    Surround yourself with people who will make you feel relaxed and happy.
•    Do not do anything which you are not comfortable with. This will help to avoid self-blame if the IVF cycle did not succeed.


•    Do not use sauna, hot tubs ( you can have showers !) or do any vigorous activity (like strenuous exercise)  which could raise your body temperature.
•    Don’t change your diet drastically.
•    Do not restrict your daily activity-do not take bed rest !
•    Do not raise your hopes too much – have realistic expectations !
•    Avoid people who can raise your insecurity and stress levels.
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Can I fly home straight after embryo transfer ?

Yes, you can travel immediately after embryo transfer. Air travel or any other mode of transport has not been shown to affect embryo implantation , and it will not affect your chances of achieving a pregnancy. Take measures to make yourself comfortable during air travel – keep yourself well hydrated and move frequently to enable proper blood circulation.

What if I bleed after the embryo transfer ?

Most embryo transfers are very smooth, and do not create any trauma to your cervix or endometrium, which is why you should not experience bleeding or spotting after an embryo transfer. However, some patients have cervical stenosis (a narrow cervical opening), and if their embryo transfer is technically difficult, there may be bleeding after the transfer. Please do not panic. The blood is not coming from your uterus and your embryos are not affected in any way. The tiny drop of blood is not your embryo. So keep calm and carry on with your everyday activity. If you experience severe bleeding after the transfer please contact the clinic (but this is very unlikely to happen !)

Why did I feel a wet discharge after the embryo transfer ?

During embryo transfer , the doctor cleans your vaginal canal and the cervix with a sterile fluid. When you get up after the embryo transfer you might experience a wet feeling, because this fluid leaks out. Do not panic – this doesn’t mean that your embryos are being washed out ! The fluid that comes out is not from your uterus. Your embryos are transferred inside your uterus in a tiny droplet of culture medium , which cannot flow out – your embryo are safe in your uterus !

This is an excerpt from our forthcoming, book, The Expert Patient's Guide to IVF. This being authored by our expert patient, Manju and me.

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