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Its always is...its just the way it goes!

Posted Oct 05 2009 10:02pm
I am sitting down nibbling on a bit of pizza thinking about other friends of mine that I've met through social networking who probably sat down to a meal tonight. But instead of looking forward to it and embracing it as a social event. They probably feel exhausted, tired...each mouthful zapping away more and more energy from their short reserve. I remember eating very slow and my meals would end up cold or over zapped in the microwave.

Sometimes eating would be a solitary event, because I was too ill to join mum at the table. I often saw it as a chore, I had to do it to stay alive. Literally. It is these short but vivid flashbacks that make me realise what a transformation that organ transplantation can do for someone and it is what spurs me on to campaign for organ donation.

Talking to some friends last night by candlelight(will explain!) I realised that many people have reflected on their lives as a result of knowing my story and journey. Friends have signed up to courses in areas that interest them, gone globe trotting, make more time for friends, career changes, changes to their diet and lifestyle...I find this really positive. I think these are things they would have done anyway but now they allocate time and do rather than say. Love it! Many have used that philosophy in regard to signing up to the organ register! Fab!

This week has been a mixture of odds and sods!! My new pad is still receiving intensive care...its a long way to being in the open ward stage!! I feel like I have to have a set agenda for it each day to ensure I keep chipping away until its done. Like I've said, I would love a minimalist look. For me, its kind of imperative so that my home is easy to clean and maintain. I try to use natural products as much as possible to be eco-friendly and minimise harmful smells and chemicals that I react to. I find the more I sort the more mess I make!!

I was spotted by a taxi driver this week who was ever so pleasant. He kindly donated towards my sponsored tree hug which was lovely of him! I had an opportunity to talk about organ donation which was great. He said he spoke to his mate about it.

I have been sporting two rather lovely bags this week and will be continuing to do so. They both really turn heads, promoting organ donation and get people talking. Great advertising tool!! I always walk around with leaflets, pens and stickers as some opportunities arise when I least expect.

Being invited to the Department of Health/NHSBT conference this week was really inspiring and informative. The lead speaker Veronica was fab and made me feel very welcomed. As the only person representing a charity amonngst doctors, commissioners, transplant co-ordinators, surgeons, directors...I felt a bit out of my comfort zone, but only for 2 mins!!! Then I became uber confident for two reasons. First because I knew that the evening before LLTGL won Best New Charity of The Year 2009 at the Charity Awards. Then I was so pleased and proud of the NHS slideshow/video where my friends and I appeared. A vivid and moving picture that depicted the reality of waiting for transplant: you either live or die and that sadly, there is more against you than for you because of the stark shortage of donors, particularly in the south east of England. I think it was received very well and reminded everyone that young people are very much affected.

It was a tiring day, I am used to my afternoon naps and eating at certain times but I made it through and spoke to some really nice people, some of which I will keep in contact with. I then came home and wsa told by my lovely neighbour that there had been a power cut since morning. went on and on...I sat in the dark with no cooking facilities, knowing my food was rotting, no cooking facilities and no heating. Silly me, unprepared for such events had no matches, batteries or torch! Great! Luckily, a couple of lovely friends csme and kept me company till gone midnight when, hurrah! The electricity came back on! What madness eh? I am lucky to have family and friends that come to the rescue! took a real nose dive this week...I have really good intentions but then things go to pot! What can I do...there's one of me and a zillion outstanding bits and bobs...I know what everyone is shouting to me...delegate!! Umm...

I am still working through my wish list post transplant and there are a couple of muscial things I want to do. I've done a bit of research and one of which seems to involve trekking to West London :-( Not great! I will need to keep pursuing until I find one nearer to home. The other is quite expensive so will have to wait a while as moving house has emptied my purse for a long time ahead!

I promised myself an early night and just haven't got around to it...I think will be good for me as I have a busy morning before the lovely K and J come over to help me with some DIY and assembling. I'm a bit peeved as I keep buying the wrong sized photo frames!!! How annoying! Will the photographs ever go up? My fault for guesstimating instead of measuring!!

Think its time for some Calvin Harris and David Guetta to get me 'ready for the weekend, yeah!!!!' :-)

Again BIG THANKS to everyone who helped raise over £400 for LLTGL and CLIC Sargent cancer care...please keep giving if you are yet to do so...£2 will make a difference to a young persons' life...that means LTTGL can put towards the cost of a card to someone battling for their lives waiting for a transplant! Come on, dig deep everyone! I've worked hard to hold on to that tree...please now support me!

Click below for the latest news and an easy peasy way to give:
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