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Itchy Legs and Feet – Vitamin D Cause or Solution?

Posted Feb 21 2012 9:33pm

One of the things that I discovered during my years of pain was the cause of itchy legs.  The itchy legs would drive me crazy to say the least.  The first episode of this was a year before my first back surgery in the winter of 1997.  I was on a long road trip into the Shenandoah Valley and it was very cold and snowing.  I ran the heat on high most of the way to the valley which took me approximately four hours.  My right leg started itching and it was close to the heater discharge, so I assumed that the heat was irritating the skin.  The irritation on my leg persisted into the late spring.  My doctor thought as I that it was just itchy dermatitis.  We treated it with topical steroids and it seemed somewhat to respond but not heal.

In the spring of 2003 before my second back surgery, my legs became inflamed and erupted with little red bumps that broke open after twenty four hours.  This was kind of scary because the steroids did not seem to help it that much.  I had the problem on both legs from the tops of my feet to above my knees.  What was really frightening was that it started around my ankles and took about six weeks to go all the way up my legs.  I remember my oldest brother coming to see me and he said that it looked like infections on diabetic’s legs that would not heal.  The legs continued to be inflamed until I had back surgery and it just went away.  I assumed that it had something to do with all the antibiotics that I took after the surgery.

After my vertebral disc healed, I told everyone that I knew about how I had grown three inches taller in less than a year.  It was shocking and amazing to see the expressions on their faces as they were used to looking me in the eyes, but my eye level had changed.  The first response was always, how much did I take and what type of vitamin D.  Then later on I would see them and they would respond about how much their legs were itching and they had cut back on their vitamin D and it stopped.  I also continued to have the problem off and on until two years ago when they started to itch and I correlated the itch to a compressed nerve in my back.  I did a round on my inversion table and it was like magic.  The itching stopped.  What was even more amazing was one of the bumps was as large as half a golf ball.  After hanging, it completely returned to normal in about thirty minutes.

I came to the conclusion that nerves that are compressed will give you a severe case of dermal inflammation that has many symptoms.  I recently found a disease that has not been identified as a disease because the CDC can find no pathogens that are the cause – Morgellons Disease.  It seems the foundation no longer exist out of frustration I suspect.  I know exactly how they feel.  The funds were donated to Oklahoma State University.


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Yes, I had all of those including what I thought were fibers that I had rubbed into the openings from fabrics.  The fibers I observed were black.  I know believe these to be nerves that have died.  It is no wonder they could find no pathogens.

Have you had itchy legs that could be associated with nerve compression or that you thought happened because you were taking vitamin D?  – Pandemic Survivor

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