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Is your vitamin on the team?

Posted Aug 24 2008 9:53pm
There is quite a bit of controversy over antioxidants lately. Should we take them or not? One study showed that taking Vitamin E supplements actually increased the likelihood of heart disease and had to be stopped. Agreed, megadoses are not always a good idea when we don't know for sure we are deficient in a particular vitamin. But does that mean we shouldn't be taking our mutivitamin anymore? Check out this article from World's Healthiest Foods:

Food Is the Place for Teamwork

There is really only one place outside the body where we can count on finding the antioxidant juggling team: in a balanced diet containing natural, whole, minimally processed and organically grown food. The reason is simple. It's not only vitamin E and vitamin C and beta-carotene and glutathione and lipoic acid that belong to the antioxidant juggling team, it's all of the food components that provide natural color and flavor to food, the flavonoids and carotenoids and other types of pigments that you can only find in whole natural foods. You don't get the complete antioxidant team when you take a dietary supplement, no matter how high in quality. Nor do you get the complete antioxidant team when you eat processed foods with artificial flavors, colorings in place of natural flavonoids and carotenoids. It takes a whole, natural foods diet to provide you with complete antioxidant teamwork. That's one reason we feel so strongly about the value of the World's Healthiest Foods. More...

When you don't always eat the recommended 5-9 each day, a whole food multi is a good choice. Are your vitamins safe?

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