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is there any type of poisoning that would cause blood clotting?

Posted by miss

My husband has been hospitalised with blocked arteries from blood clots, he had a small stroke just over a year ago which was caused by a blood clot. They can not find a cause of the blood clots. He is only 31. I'm curious about poisoning and toxins as his boss is also suffering from unexplained blood clots and I was wondering if maybe they could be linked some how.
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Your question is quite similar to a problem that I have faced.

I was hospitalized for nearly three weeks with DVT's and a huge pulmonary embolus, that should have killed me, but I was lucky and I'm still here.

But my service dog, Smokey, a Husky/Wolf was not so lucky. He died a couple of weeks after I left the hospital from severe blood clotting.

Coincidence, well I like you think not.   A neighbor thought my dog " looked vicious" and  threaten to kill him.

So, your guess may be my answer, or visa-versa!

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