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Is There A Link Between Nutrition And Ovarian Cancer

Posted Sep 29 2010 1:19am

Is it possible to better your chances of avoiding this dreaded disease simply by the nutritional choices you make? According to a study cited by the U.S. Department of Health And Human Services, there is a definite link! While every consumer is well aware of the necessity to eat healthier and live healthier, this study underscores the crucial aspects this common sense knowledge has for women!

Women, especially those who are in the postmenopausal years, are urged to make their diet one that is high in fiber but low in fat. The researchers put together a panel of women who followed this advice for eight years and found that when compared to the general population, their risk for ovarian cancer was lessened by a whopping 40%!

It is noteworthy to state that the women in this study came from all walks of life and included those who thus far were not on board with respect to healthy living and low fat or high fiber food choices. Incidentally, it is this group of women that saw the largest improvements in their odds.

Achieving the goal of changing the diet around is not as difficult as some may think. For example, the simple aspect of adding just one serving of either fruits or veggies resulted in the ability to reduce fat consumption by nearly eight percent. Of course, this requires dedication and the understanding that this kind of nutritional change is not just a limited time diet but instead a bona fide lifestyle change the woman will seek to affect.

Since researchers have proven that there is a link between nutrition and ovarian cancer, and since it is documented that the ingestion of high fiber and low fat foods is the best diet possible to avoid the dreaded disease, cardiologists have come to the forefront and put in their two cents as well. As it turns out, the benefits women may expect to reap from following this kind of lifestyle are not simply limited to an avoidance of ovarian cancer but they will also have beneficial effects for their overall cardiovascular health!

In addition to the foregoing, this kind of healthy diet is also instrumental in the prevention of other cancers, such as they are known to affect the head and surrounding tissues. At the same time, cancers of the colorectal tracts and of course the much feared breast cancer also are potentially avoided by following a lifestyle that contains not only exercise but also a diet that follows these general guidelines.

The best results are realized by women who reinvent their dietary intake to contain at least five servings of fruits and also vegetables on any given day, while at the same time also adding six servings of whole grains. The goal was to reduce the fat intake to total no more than 20% of the daily caloric makeup. Researchers realized that this may be a complete change in dietary behavior and for this reason ensured that sufficient counseling was available for the women to stick to the diet.

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