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Is There a Best Home Remedy For Hemorrhoids?

Posted Jan 21 2010 3:11am

In this age of one shot cures, operations and advice that we all look for because life can be so damned busy and frenetic we often tend to look for just one thing, the best of the best, to focus our attentions on to fix a problem. With that in mind if you have the painful and embarrassing condition known as piles you might be asking is there a best home remedy for hemorrhoids?

The answer is.... probably. It really depends on what your main causes of hemorrhoids are? As such this article will list the reasons people suffer from hemorrhoids and the one most important thing to combat that cause so you can take action quickly!

Hemorrhoids Cause 1 - Constipation, hard stool and long, difficult bowel movements

Best Hemorrhoids Remedy - For better bowel movements the quickest way to achieve this is to eat more fiber and drink more water. Good sources of fiber are fresh fruit and vegetables but a quick way to get a lot very quickly is to eat Psyllium Seeds which can be bought at health food stores. In addition to this stop eating processed junk food as they are devoid of good nutrition for the bowels.

Hemorrhoids Cause 2 - Too much sitting or standing

Best Hemorrhoids Remedy - Standing in a the same way for a long time and especially sitting down for a long time especially on hard uncomfortable surfaces will lead to hemorrhoids. As such you simply need to implement a strict regime to combat this. Make sure to take a break and walk around and stretch every hour and be sure to get comfortable seating if you work in an office environment.

These are basically the main causes of piles and what to do about them but they do not help with your immediate pain.

As such the best way to deal with the pain in my opinion is to apply a witch hazel ointment to your anus whether the hemorrhoid is internal or external. This will reduce the inflammation and swelling and dull the pain as well. Witch Hazel is a natural remedy that has seen many hemorrhoids suffers deal with the problem fast.

For more information, advice and links to some great resources click below to find out more and get the help you need to get rid of hemorrhoid pain and embarrassment from your life completely

Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids



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