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Is Teeth Whitening Bad for Enamel?

Posted Aug 28 2011 9:56am

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Scarlet Spears say…I’ve always had white teeth until i did my braces but my teeth become yellowish with hugh black spots after I removed my braces. Is there is any way to whiten my teeth without thinning my enamel (like using strawberry to rub on the teeth is a bad idea according to my dentist as it contains acid).

The Right Brain responds:

I have to admit that I’ve never heard of whitening teeth by rubbing them with a strawberry but then again I’ve never been much for fruit-based beauty solutions. I have, however, heard that whitening teeth can harm enamel. Is that true or is it just another beauty myth?

Based on the latest research teeth whitening processes do NOT weaken tooth enamel. Next: Sarah Bellum finds out if a strawberry daiquiri has a beneficial effect on her teeth (or anything else.)

Reference: M. Sulieman, M. Addy, E. Macdonald, J.S. Rees, A safety study in vitro for the effects of an in-office bleaching system on the integrity of enamel and dentine, Journal of Dentistry, Volume 32, Issue 7, September 2004, Pages 581-590


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