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Is severe muscle and joint pain for 6 weeks after a flu and Hepatits B vaccine injection more than just a minor side effect?

Posted by veranda

I have tried to get an answer from my primary care doctor without results.  I have tried to find something on the internet.  I have not had a flue shot since 1989 for this reason, but next year I will be entering into an allied medical educational program and vaccination is required. Where can I get the answers so I can make an informed decision?
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My husband is currently experiencing severe joint pain, but it did not manifest until almost a month after the shot.  He is going through some testing now to see if it's from the vaccine, itself.  It has us very scared and I, also, have not found anything during my research.  I would love the answer to this question, myself.
I had a seasonal flu shot 6 weeks ago and am having SEVERE joint swelling and pain, as well as a red rash from my knees down that developed suddenly - 6 weeks to the day of getting the shot.  I'm convinced that's what it is from.  I was the picture of health before I got that shot and have not felt right since.

Hi, I'm a 50 y/o BF, who too had the flu shot and one week later I received the H1N1 in the opposite deltoid muscle. Immediately I started have bilateral shoulder joint pain and muslce pains in the upper extremity. It is now almost 6-8 weeks later and my initial symptoms have worsened. Currently the pain in my shoulder joints has moved to my cervical spine (I'm not sure how much is related to the fact that I have to lie on my back to sleep b/c it is so difficult to sleep in my sides. I have not observed any swelling or redness in the joints, no fever (although I did have 2 episodes of night sweats recently). I'm very fatigued energy level very low). So far I have no rash or pain in the joints of my lower extremities (like hips,knees, ankles or fingers) so my gait is not affected. My only relief is Motrin at about 1gms 2-3 times per day. If I stop taking this the pain is unbearable.   My family history is not consist w/ arthritis x my mother's sister had lupus, degenerative arthritis, and scleroderma.  What do you think? I'm guessing that the flu shot w/ H1N1 combination triggered sometype of inflammatory response. So for I've come accross very little information to connect any links between the 2. I'm going to see my primary care physician tomorrow as time has not improved symptoms.


very interesting.  My rash and most swelling is gone as well as the joint pain - it lasted almost a week.  What I DO have still is the shoulder and neck/spine pain, especially at night.  I also had night sweats for a five or six nights in a row.  Those are going away.


OK... I went to the doctors and I'm being worked up for polymyalgia rheumatica and gaint cell arteritis. My ESR and CRP (laboratory markers for inflammation) were elevated and I'm anemic. The lab results for rheumatoid and lupus were negative. will keep you informed
I started with a rash on my forearms and then it moved to my elbows, hands (including palms) ankles, knees and toes...after that came the joint pain..horrific in my left knee and wrists and hands...Dr did complete workout, per blood tests I am the picture of health however shows I am in a state of acute inflammation. Treated me for scabbies just in case but if I had scabbies so would my husband and 3 yr old son.  I had the flu shot in Sept (its now Dec) and the Swine Flu shot like 6 weeks ago.  Concerned I am having a reaction to the shot.  Dr says no but how do they know that?  Said the rash is consistent with either a drug reaction or a bug bite...but haven't taken any sort of drug and don't recall being bitten by any bugs..and it's not like 1 particular area swelled (like a bite would be)...I had a low grade fever for like 2 days, feel exhausted and have had tremmors 2x's at night (not cold but shaking uncontrollably for like 20 min).  They are going to now test me for Lyme but they doubt its that because the rash is not consistent...the Lupus and Arthritis and Thyoid tests all came back fine....anyone have any thoughts?

I am 55 y/o and had my first flu shot 6 weeks ago. 6 hours after the shot the right side of my lower jaw started aching. This lasted continually for 24 hours and then stopped for a few hours, started again but now comes and goes through out the day. It also will affect my left lower jaw but not as often. It's not painful, but like someone else mentioned, it just aches like when you've had you mouth open for a long period at the dentists.  Although I'm going through menopause and have muscle and joint pain, I did not have any in my jaw prior to the flu shot.  People say it can't be caused by the flu shot, but there are to many people who experience symptoms after the shot that they never had before. I think it's ridiculous that Drs say it can't be from the shot when it seems obvious it is.

I just had a Hep B shot a week ago and my joint swelling and pain are so bad I can hardly move in the morning.  My knuckles, elbows, knees and ankles are so painful I can cry.  The motrin seems to help after a while but I'd like to find an answer myself.  My doctor is sending me for some blood tests next week to see what is going on.
I usually get very mild flu-like symptoms 3 days after getting my flu shot but this time it was very different. Three days after my vaccine, I had a sudden onset of severe all-over joint pain along with fever, chills, and a racing heartbeat all of which, thankfully, subsided over a 36-hour period. I've had joint pain before, but this was excruciating. I hope it's gone for good. I did start taking aspirin immediately and maybe that helped - I dunno. This is the first time I've had this type of reaction and I'm wondering if it's because it was a combination flu vaccine.
i got the flu shot that contains the h1n1 at work (required of all of nursing to have so we can work in hospital). i'm VERY healthy, never sick, love to be outside doing hobby (yardwork). the first night of shot, i had severe night sweat (sheets/clothes soaking wet!), then began to have severe CONSTANT joint pains, mainly in wrist, elbows, shoulders. never had this type of problem before.  any others have issues with flu shot this year 2010? email me legalnursing@comcast  . net  There's no doubt in my mind I am having an allergic reaction.  4 weeks now with constant pain in joints - even laying still, the pain is there. thank you for any help, dawn
I received my flu shot 6 days ago and was fine the day of besides the normal stiffness in the arm from the shot. The next morning I woke up and could hardly stand on my feet. My ankles and knees were so sore and weak. I am 31, and avid runner and have never had this kind of joint pain before. It is not getting any better. Even after lying on the couch with my legs up this evening, when I went to get up, I had terrible knee pain.
I got a flu shot at work a little over a month ago, and within a few days I had joint pain like I have never had before.  Both of my elbows hurt, especially the elbow on side of injection.  My wrists ache, and my finger joints hurt as well.  Shoulder joint pain, knee pain, ankle pain, even pain in my foot from a old minor injury.  I mentioned it to my doctor, who kind of blew me off, and also mentioned it to a physical therapist, who said she was hearing alot of complaints about joint and muscle pain from the flu shot.  My pain has not decreased. 
Like you I had the recent flu vacine which included the dreaded H1N1 portion with it.  It has been a week now and I have the worst joint pain in my back, legs, and hands. It is crazy to think I was trying to protect myself and inflicted this onto myself.  I am concerned about the length of time this will last and if any long term effects.
I have had chronic back pain due to a herniated disk and degenerative disk disease for about 15 years now. I also have had shoulder pain for about two years due to an injury. My pain is always there, most of the time ignorable, some of the time intolerable. During the intolerable times, I take narcotics: pain killers and muscle relaxers. Not a lot mind you, but the amount I need has slowly increased over the years. Physical therapy, exercise, stretching, a ridiculous number of hot baths, and deep tissue massage also help to alleviate the worst symptoms, but the pain always returns.

My father, who is in his 70's and is althetic like he is still in his 30's, recommend the Dr. Max Power Joint Support with Vitamin B12 - its glucosamine and MSM supplement.  I was shocked. In two weeks I was literally pain free, for the first time in years. My back feels better than it has since 1995. The pain is non-existent, and what little there occasionally is resolves with a little stretching. My shoulder, while still clearly injured, has significantly less pain and a vastly increased range of motion. I no longer scream when I pick up the milk jug or my three year old daughter. Overall, I feel better and am in a much sunnier mood. 
Oh MY DEAR!! Was I ever happy to find your posts!!!!!!!  I thought I was going crazy.  I had the flu shot on Nov 20 (Sat) and 3 days later on the Tuesday by right knee started to bother me.  The pain was there but tolerable. However, by the night time I could not walk.  Then in started in my left knee.  Now it is all over my body including through my shoulder blades and back pain.  I have also developed this red blotchy patches mainly on my arms and legs.  They are not itchy or raised like hives but look awful.  They have done numerous blood work, showing that my ESR level was at 74 (should be around 20) and then went up to 100 about one week later!  This indicated that I had inflammation and/or infection in my system. Now so more then ever, I am convinced it is the flu shot.
what kind of test have they done to see whether or not his symptomes are related this the vaccine?  I have also had similar like symptoms.  Severe joint pain and red patches on my skin.  They are not itchy or hive-like, they are underneath my skin.
I have been to the doctor for overall joint pain flu-like symptoms--but no fever.  I did a mountain bike ride of about 16 miles and played some golf, then got the shot.  I felt horrible a few days later.  Hips, knees, shoulders and especially finger joints and writs (carpal tunnel)  I cannot use my hands in the morning.  Cannot sleep due to the knee and shoulder and wrist pain.  This is occurring on both sides of my body.  It has been 8 weeks no relief.   Blood tests were negatgive for arthritis and lyme, but my SED rate was elevated - 32 - and anemic.   I used to ride bike, play tennis and golf.  Too much pain.  I too believe it is from the shot.  The doctor could not rule it out.  Doing more blood work.  
PLEASE READ - report your symptomes to your local Dept of Health. Otherwise, if you don't, they will not know of any reaction from this year's flu shot so it is very important that you notify you local Dept of Health. I did, so my case is on file.
I had a rabies shot in August (preventive not bitten) and after the 3rd shot I had aches all over. This has come down to joint pain in my wrists/fingers/ankles and feet. It has improved now about 75% but I am still getting joint pain at the 25% level. There's no swelling, redness or fever. I saw a rheumatologist this week who said Ive had an allergic reaction to the vaccine. He has prescribed prednisolone. My gp said also that my esr was slightly raised. I also get hot flashes in my feet. I'm hoping it will eventually go with the steroids. martinpianist (AT)
I had the dual flu shot last week of Oct 2010. I developed a nasty cold 4 weeks later which I didn’t think anything of. Since then I have had recurring bouts of body aches, chills, & fatigue about every two to three weeks. It seems like I have the flu but I have no fever and I still have an appetite. Usually lasts 2-3 days. This weekend I had it again and this time with severe joint pain in my left shoulder, hip & knee for about an hour today and now that too has subsided. I have had a history of flu-like symptoms previous years when I got the flu shot and that is why I generally avoid getting one. But my NP talked me into it this October with the reassurance that it wouldn’t make me sick.  I will never get another flu shot again.  I have a lot of allergies to medications and foreign substances and there’s gotta be something in the shot to make me so sick.   
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