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Is Pilates Safe For Pregnant Women

Posted Jul 18 2010 3:33am

The process of growing a human inside the woman’s body puts a lot of stress on the body as well as adds weight to the frame. Although pregnancy is a natural process it still has the potential of weakening the body, which can make the woman vulnerable to injury during pregnancy. Pilate exercises can help the mom-to-be strengthen her body and increase her flexibility, which will aid her during the birthing process. The exercises are also geared towards helping her body to support the extra weight that is a part of pregnancy.

Pregnant women who are already doing a Pilates program before becoming pregnant will be instructed to modify their current program upon learning of the pregnancy. It is important for pregnant women to follow the advice of the Pilate’s instructor especially when using equipment during pregnancy. If the pregnant woman is starting a Pilate’s program for the first time while pregnant they should be cautioned to be very careful by the instructor of the program.

Pregnant women often complain of back pain during pregnancy and Pilate’s can help to keep the abdominal muscles strong which can help to relieve the strain that is put on the back due to the protruding uterus. Strengthening abdominal muscles can help to protect the woman’s back from injury. The pregnant woman should focus on doing stability exercises and should not do any flexion exercises during her pregnancy. Pregnant women should not do sit-ups.

Your Pilate’s instructor will give you instructions to follow in a modified program of exercises. These exercises will be designed to strengthen your hips, legs and upper body as well as to support the extra weight that is a natural part of pregnancy. The exercises will also be designed so that you will have the arm strength to carry around the baby and all the extra baby equipment that will soon be a part of your life.

The pregnant woman needs to be careful not to overstretch while exercising. Her body releases a chemical called elastin that relaxes muscles, tendons, and ligaments so that the baby can emerge through the pelvis more easily. Because her muscles, tendons and ligaments are relaxed she is able to stretch further than she could before becoming pregnant. This can cause her to overstretch when exercising.

When exercising a pregnant woman should chose to use moderation in everything she does, especially when she is exercising. Strengthening exercises is the best way for a pregnant woman to stay in shape and to prepare for the birth of her baby.

The closer a woman gets to the end of her pregnancy the more careful she should be regarding overdoing things that require physical strength and endurance. She will need all her strength and endurance for the birthing process, which is one of the more intensive workouts anyone can experience. Birth involves mental, emotional and physical involvement.

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