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Is My Sore Tongue Candida?

Posted Jul 12 2010 9:20pm

I’ve always been healthy in my 51 years, and 15 lbs underweight for my height. I moved to Japan (from the USA) about a year ago and after three months of living here, I noticed a sore tongue (and occasionally achy knees), especially when eating acidic foods (a piece of pineapple put me on the roof!) or after drinking alcoholic beverages.

A dentist gave me some ointment but it didn’t help, doctors are puzzled, and their pills haven’t helped either.

In my internet research I’ve read that others have suffered when changing their living environments, and hence, diets. Unfortunately the Japanese staples, miso, tofu, soy sauce and white rice are Candida-boosters. Nine months now and it’s time to try a strict diet, but eating out in Tokyo has been a deal-breaker.


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