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Is it possible that hairline fracture in ankle can cause less pain than stretched ligaments?

Posted by Purav Shah

Pain in my ankle started four to five hours after the incidence took place.

 While couple of years back another ankle was injured and it was giving me so much pain that I could not touch the ground with that leg for couple of days. I had to take external support for movement. This incidence took place at a very remote place were I could not get any x-rays. 

The pain in my present injury (hairline fracture in ankle) was very much bearable as compared to my earlier injury.


Is it possible that I might have got fracture in my ankle in my past injury?

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Yes, a hairline fracture may be missed on initial x-rays. That's why when the xray is negative, the usual advice is to rest and return for reevaluation if the pain does not get better within one to two weeks. A repeat xray after 2 weeks can show a previously unseen hairline fracture (the bone resorbs or dissolves around the fracture line, making it more visible on xray after a period of time). But soft tissue (tendon and ligament) injuries can be very painful too!
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