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Is it Okay to Use Fine Hair Products on Thick Hair?

Posted Jul 27 2012 2:01am

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Penyep’s plea…Is it okay to use fine hair products on thick/thicker hair?Is it? My hair isn’t thick but it isn’t fine either but it is more on the finer side. So is it okay to use fine hair products on thick(ish) hair or should fine hair products only be used on fine hair and thick hair products should only be used on thick hair? 

The Right Brain responds:

Chemists do try to optimize products for hair types but in many cases there really isn’t that much difference. Here are the types of differences you might expect to see in products optimized for fine hair.


Formulators usually take one of two approaches when designing a shampoo for fine hair. One approach is to get the hair is clean as possible so as to not leave any residue that could weigh hair down. These formulations are essentially just gentle cleansers without any conditioners.

The other approach is to incorporate polymers into the shampoo that remain on the hair to give the fibers a little stiffness. This stiffness gives the hair more texture and makes it feel less fine and limp. These shampoos are cleansers combined with Polyquaternium-7, for example.


Conditioners for fine hair should avoid some of the heavier fatty conditioning agents like Behentrimonium chloride.

Styling products

In styling products for fine hair you may see some of the same polymer-based styling resins as holding agents but used at reduced levels to avoid weighing the hair down.

There’s no harm in experimenting with fine hair products because if you don’t like them you can always wash them out.

Has anyone successfully used a thick hair product on fine hair? Leave a comment and share your experience with the rest of the Beauty Brains community.

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