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Is He Wearing Any Pants?

Posted May 04 2009 3:53pm
One of our front office staff came back to my new office to drop off a chart only to find my pants and shirt draped over my chair. "Is he running around somewhere with no pants on again," she joked to herself figuring I was up to something other than streaking.

Well she got it half right. No, I was indeed wearing pants, but, yes, I was running. In designing our new building early on I told my partners I wanted a shower so I could exercise at lunch. There was already one in the building since it used to be an exercise gym, so why not keep.

What a good decision it has been so far. When I'm done with my morning dictations I've been putting on my running shoes and heading out for a run through downtown and into the farmlands before heading back (I did get a couple of strange looks from some cows today like they've never seen anyone run past them before which may be true). Not only has it been a great way to get exercise, moderate my lunchtime diet, but I'm able to process what I did in the morning and anticipate what's going to happen in the afternoon.

When I'm finished with my workout it's a quick jump in the shower, finish up any paperwork over an apply or yogurt, and it's time to start the afternoon again. What could be a more efficient use of my day?

The Country Doctor
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