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Is Fitter Fine For Hair?

Posted Apr 13 2010 11:01pm

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Severinka supposes… I came across the Fitter Hair Products and couldn’t find a single word on actual active or basic ingredients. While I sent an E-mail requesting a general disclosure, I was wondering if you, Dear Beauty Brain, have any insight on this?

The Right Brain rants:
Fitter fails to impress us. It appears to be another salon line making unsupported claims about stimulating hair growth. Here’s a few of the things they say about their Regenerator product:

REGENERATOR Increases thickness and density, Stimulates existing follicle growth Increases volume, body rootlift, Improves condition dramatically Increases elasticity, Increases shine and luster, Defines curl, Tames frizz Protects hair from modern styling aids, Reduces the need for styling products Helps control thinning due to the effects of the aging process and stress of modern day life.

They lost us at “stimulates existing follicle growth.” As we’ve discussed in previous posts on ways to stimulate hair growth, only drug products can make claims like this. And there aren’t very many approved drugs! The rest of the stuff they stay about defining curls and taming frizz is pretty typical. Any decent conditioner will help with that. But too little too late, they’ve already lost credibility because of their growth claims.

What about the ingredients? We had a hard time tracking down a complete list of ingredients too, but we did find one reviewer who said Fitter used aged black rum, a purified castor oil, masticated fresh organic rosemary leaf, and protein extract from beef marrow. None of these ingredients (with the possible exception of castor oil) have any effect on hair whatsoever. And as far as fresh rosemary is concerned, just remember, mastication can cause blindness. At any rate, our opinion is that this Fitter formula can’t support the claims it makes.

Finally, it’s also interesting to note that Fitter says their products are “hand made without preservatives or chemical processes.” How do they hand make their shampoos? We have visions of them dumping drums of beef marrow into a bathtub and stirring it with an old boat oar.Now that’s hand made! And while we’re ranting, if their products don’t have preservatives, why they don’t grow mold or bacteria?

Fitter formulas feel fake and foolish. End of rant.

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