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Is failing to plan really like planning to fail?

Posted Dec 23 2008 12:49pm

Or do we somtimes plan and fail anyway? Does planning actually make any difference? It all depends on the plan...

In my experience, New Year's resolutions usually fail, making us feel worse than before we even made them. Of course we had the best intentions when we decided to make some changes, but after all the holiday hoopla is over, the decorations are tucked away until next year, and we find ourselves back in the daily grind, the list we spent time seriously pondering and creating seems to find its way to the bottom of the ever increasing pile of to-do's. Eventually we either lose it, toss it, or fret over our lack of resolve that the list only serves to remind us of.

What if you and I made plans ahead of time to live out just one of those resolutions right away and budget the time and money a month or so ahead - would that make it easier to actually pull off that resolution? I'm talking about the big one, the one that makes it to almost all of our lists, the one that we put on the list every year and, for a few weeks (maybe) we make a serious effort toward and often spend money we don't have in order to accomplish. You know the one... losing weight.

No, I'm not talking about joining a gym, buying a new exercise video, or stocking up on diet shakes and pills. I'm talking about setting up a 5-week plan to change the way we think about food, the way we feel about food, the way we are nurtured and nourished by food. With a plan of action designed by nutrition expert, Dr. Heidi Dulay, leading the way.

And... I'm not talking about trying to satisfy your appetite with a bowl full of rabbit greens sprinkled with nonfat dressing and rice cakes for dessert. I'm talking about learning to shop for, prepare, and actually enjoy eating tasty, satisfying, stick-to-your ribs, fill-you-up, feel-good, fat-burning, REAL food. And with your own personal tour guide and support system to help you all along the way.

I'm not talking about having to give up all your favorite foods forever, but maybe just a little while to kick-start the fat burning process. I'm talking about doing the Extreme Regime Fat-Burning Cycle which starts January 24 and runs through February 28, 2009.

Want to learn more? Check out this cute little video, and be sure to turn off your mute button.

The ER Fat Burn can be done a couple of different ways. Either way you get a weekly group phone call, online group support, and emails from Dr. Heidi. Additionally, you can have personalized sessions with Dr. Heidi who can help you find just the right list of foods for your body. Or you can "do it yourself" by following along on the weekly group calls, the emails and online support group but without the one on one calls with Dr. Heidi. Both options are bound to get you off to a great start in the new year with one of those looming resolutions already well underway.

Grab this free report that tells about the reasons why weight loss failure is probably NOT your fault.
I'm getting off the fast food treadmill and becoming part of the Whole Food Nation.
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