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Is a Sinus Infection the Reason For all my Symptoms?

Posted by shuna1


 I went to the doctor in november about a sinus infection and my doctor put me on Antibiotics  for 7 days. Well everything seemed find until the next month i think the infection came back because my head has be hurting, head tightness, snezzing, stuffy head, ear stuffiness, eye itchness, and i can feel drianage in the back of my throat. Somtimes my whole head feels light headed. And when i feel like this i start to worry about everything and start to research my symptoms and i start to painc about others things i read like brain problems or worst.  I am constantly worried and my mind wonders off alot about every little thing. And somtime my mood is happy the next minute i think about somthing like health problems and my mood changes. My nerves are really bad i jump at every loud sound i hear. I think this is stress , but i'm not sure. When i was younger i use to day dream alot but not normal day dreams i would be in a conversation and start daydreaming. My parents notice that it wasn't right so they took me to see a doctor, they found out that my brain was find but i was having epilepsy abence spells. Well they put me on medication and years later it went away. Now that i'm 21 and i'm scared it could be coming back.  I don't daydream any more but somtimes my mind wonders off somtimes. Well i just want to know if this is my siunsitis that has me paincing?

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