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Infected finger

Posted by sheryl w.

I cut my finger really bad a few months ago and it doesn't seem to be healing, perhaps it is infected. I have been putting Tea Tree oil on it. Does anyone have any other ideas?
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See a doctor. If your finger is infected and has been untreated for a month, you should probably see a doctor. Antibiotics may help heal it at this point.
Zyflamend !. This is a great New Chapter product that is strong internally, and maybe even topically. I would use oregano oil, garlic, coconut oil and Zyflamend 4-8/d internally and also a salve topically. I bet this will get most infections under control quickly. I read about someone who controlled a rapidly spreading infection up their arm w/ 1 Zyflamend each 2 hours for several days.
I have an infected finger and read online that epsom salts is good at drawing the infection out.I dont have any but have dead sea salts.It def seems to draw it to surface and then Ive been poking at it with a steralised needle.then help to manipulate /push the puss out.Then Im putting antibacterial cream on it and covering it with a plaster..Im doing it once a day now ..but have had this a couple of weeks .It seems to be improving for def but not quite better yet. Best of luck.xx
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