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Individuation from my disease ....

Posted Aug 12 2011 10:50pm
I said I probably wouldn't come back here .... but individuating from something that has been a huge part of identity is not as easy as stopping a blog and trying to ignore things. The "dis-ease" remains and is more prominent at times than others. As I approach 46, other things come to play and it's just a part of getting older. I can't blame every physical malady on one thing. It seems like life has not been that simple for me. An intertwining of a dysfunctional immune system has created havoc on parts of my body .... leaving little untouched.

If I have learned one thing ... it's that it is best to embrace the challenges and enjoy the days that are good ones and deal with the ones that are more difficult. Learning to be patient with oneself is one of the hardest tasks of all. Each night brings the promise of a new sunrise and the beginning of a new day. The way I choose to take that day on is my choice.

As is my nature ... I choose to take it the best way I can, living better through chemistry :)
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