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Incontinence Pants Range

Posted Jan 06 2012 6:31am

After yesterday’s post, someone enquired as to what Incontinence Pants we offered.  For the terms of this article we are talking about disposable incontinence pants or “ pull up underwear ” as they are often referred to, rather than washable incontinence pants .

Lille Pants

Lil Pants

We offer the full ranges of both Tena and Lille incontinence pants .

Tena Pants come in a wide variety of absorptions, from Tena Pants Discreet for light stress incontinence, through Tena Pants Normal and Tena Pants Plus to Tena Pants Super for heavier conditions, especially urge incontinence. Tena Pants Super is also good for helping to contain faecal conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) though as with all incontinence products they won’t absorb faecal matter and will need to be changed once any incident occurs. Lil Incontinence Pants come in Extra , Super and Maxi absorbencies. Again the Maxi absorbency is also suitable for managing faecal conditions.

One advantage of the Lille Incontinence Pants is that all three absorptions are available in an Extra Large Size. However the downside is that only the Maxi absorbancy is available in a Small size in the Lil range.

On the other hand both the Tena Pants Plus and Super ranges offer a small size. The Tena Pants Plus range offers not just Small, Medium and Large sizes but also an Extra Large and an Extra Small size. The Extra Small size is ideal for teenagers and small children who benefit from using pull-up’s rather than more traditional all in one style products.

All our incontinence pant products are unisex and are designed to be worn by both Men and Women.

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