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Importance of a bowel movement

Posted Oct 22 2010 1:57pm

Today I had a million ideas of what to write on.  However, to adequately explain what I want to say without getting technical puts myself in quite a predicament.  So we are going to discuss the role of a bowel movement in a healthy person.  A bowel movement should occur at least once every day.  It should not be difficult to get out and should flow easily.  In addition a bowel movement should not be liquid, overly soft, or come excessively in a day.  By excessively I guess I would say more than 5 a day.  The reason for bowel movements is obvious if you have been around a group of guys for any length of time.  It is to eliminate waste from the body.  This waste elimination comes from the food we eat.  Not only is it food that cannot be absorbed into the body, but it is also by products, literal crap that is sent into the gut to be sent out.

Food comes into the mouth and is broken down in the stomach and small intestine.  Maybe I should include a picture…..hmm, well, go look in google if you need a visual.  Anyway, so as the food moves through our gut there is such a thing called fiber that cannot be broken down.  We can break down some fiber, but not all of it.  Fiber helps to create a mass to move through our gut.  Any other undigested food will continue in our gut where it will rot and be feasted on by the bacteria in our gut.  We have all had this happen.  Just think of when your little brother’s food has been rotting to long and begins to show off his musical talents in a rather unpleasant smell.

The first important step is to eliminate waste from digestion.  Any fiber or left over undigested food needs to be moved along quick enough to be eliminated.  If it is not the body can actually absorb the crap and cause stiff and achy joints.  Going back to yesterday, if you eat to much sugar and you don’t break all of it down, water will follow the sugar and give you diarrhea.

The second important step is to allow for the bile to flow adequately.  If your bile does not flow adequately for any reason you will find yourself having gallstones, gall bladder attacks, belching, gas, bloating, indigestion, etc.  The bile is also vital important as that is where your body pours out crap that is made throughout the body.  hmmm, that didn’t make much sense and I’m starting to get to technical.  Sorry!  Your body uses energy and because it does there is crap that forms.  The bile is where the crap goes to be eliminated.  This process is kind of like you eating a frozen pizza and having a left over wrapper and cardboard piece.  You eat the pizza (energy formation) you throw the crap away (put into the bile) and you take out the trash (put in the intestine for elimination).

If you do not have at least one bowel movement a day your body fills up with crap.  Yes, you would be full of crap!  This often causes people to be irritable, not sleep well, have indigestion, cause high cholesterol, etc. etc. etc.  It can lead to so many different things it shows the true importance!

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