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If you're doing all the right things, what could possibly go wrong with your health?

Posted by Stephen M.

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Plenty!. Genetic predispositions can really ruin your day. If you dont smoke or hang with your smoking homies, how could you possibly get lung cancer? Especially if you dont Live and Die in LA, or you aint Workin in a Coalmine. Yeah well, ist that what happened to cousin Nic when he was only atene? Look out that ol Gen Predee can get you when you least expect it. True story (mine): My cholesterol levels have been consistently lower than 150 ever since I started having it checked several years ago. High HDLs and low LDLs too. My blood pressure has always been right. Great body mass to fat ratio (under 15% consistently.) All the right stuff. But four years ago at the tender age of 54 I had a cardiac event, and it mos def was not a blessed one. Got 3 coated stents placed in my heart and, like a pineapple pine nut pizza, Im good to go. I can still do all the things, like riding my surfboard up to mountain tops, that I used to do. But now I have to take cholesterol and blood pressure meds daily. Chewable baby aspirin are my favorite part. So beware kiddies, if jo mama or jo papa had a ticka that went poppa, then wacth yo back and cardioboppa.

As Steven says: plenty! Our bodies are such complex chemical labs; like with cars, maintenance is important, but it still doesn't protect against break downs. It is important to be aware, in touch with one's body and mind and not to worry about it. Meditate, relax, decide on feeling happy, just because it's a beautiful day and the birds are singing! Appreciate yourself and everything around you.

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