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if i drank some alcohol n the next day my body got smell of alcohol n eye are red in colour

Posted by ken

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What you describe is not surprising. That happens when you overindulge on alcohol.
This always happens when you over indulge in alcohol.It is not some alcohol which gives you that smell,but I feel must be a lot of it.You might benefit from going to it seems you really are having trouble controlling your drinking. You might want to look a little deeper so as to why you have to drink so excessively when you do,and  to the point of no return.Is there something that you are trying to escape from? Since the drinking can potentially get you into trouble, I would definitely recommend getting help, because even though you are not drinking every day, you are still binge drinking. It is tough to be sober when everyone else is drinking, but it's better than hurting yourself eventually or someone else.
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