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I woke up this morning with the spins, I went to the bathroom and the whole room was spinning, especially when I move my head.

Posted by chikitamaria

It has now been 5 hours and the symptom has not gone away. I do not feel at all sick, I have no other symptoms except neck and shoulder stiffness and the slightest ear/head pressure, no pain, no nausea or diarrhea, no constipation, no flu symptoms, I feel just fine except I'm afraid to stand because the room spins when I hold my head upright. I have drank water and juice and eaten, I've gone to the bathroom normally. I did not drink alcohol last night and I'm not an alcoholic or drug user. My vision is mostly clear and sharp except when I move my head. Yesterday I took the second pill of a new birth control but I was fine after the first pill and I've taken this same pill in the past successfully. I'm a bit worried and have no insurance. Any clues?

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