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I wish to know more about wheat allergy with reference to a patient?

Posted by Pawan

Patient History: She is currently 25 years old. She developed problem of wheat allergy 2-3 years back. Symptoms were bad digestion, loose motions, mild fever. Diagnosis confirmed wheat allergy. After that she was put on wheat-free diet. Lead normal life thereafter but problem occurs if she eats wheat. Though she eats wheat sometimes but in very less quantity than normal person. She is not allergic to any other grain. Height: 5 ft 1”, Weight: ~50kg


Overall, she is living normally. Has completed double post-graduation and has topped in her college. Looks good and healthy.

 My Questions:

·         How serious or long this problem can be in her life?

·         What would be effect of this disease on her married life, especially during pregnancy and on children?


I wish to marry this girl but my parents are reluctant to allow me after knowing about her disease. But I don’t want to lose her on this ground if this is not that significant to affect our married life.


Please guide me on this. I would appreciate a quick and honest answer with best of your knowledge.


Also, please let me know if you need any other information from my side.




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