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"I was born in heels...I will die in heels"

Posted May 21 2009 9:00am
This is a direct quote from one of my patients this morning.  She is a woman in her seventies, suffers from bunions, hammertoes, and unrelenting peripheral neuropathy.  She is always looking for the newest and greatest remedies that  can offer her to eliminate her pain.  She is, however, unwilling to relinquish her high heels.

I've experienced this commitment to shoes before.  Years ago, I treated a retired principal who was in her nineties.  Each visit she would walk into the office in her high-heeled Ferragamos while holding on to her walker.  Over time, her feet progressively swelled over the course of the day.  It reached a point that the shoes were actually causing the skin on the toes to break down and form ulcers.  When I got the nerve to tell her that the shoes are hurting her and it was necessary for her to switch, she replied "I have always been a 6.5 AAA shoe size and always will be...and Ferragamo is a fine shoe."  I never saw her again.

People are passionate about how they appear, but it is important that passion does not cause them any harm.  If your favorite shoes are causing pain or problems to occur, it's time to find a new favorite.
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