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I've had MRSA in my L ear, along with fungus,for 6 wks & fungus in my R ear. I'm under ENT care.What is my prognosis?.

Posted by cretia

I 1st started out with a bad ear infection in L ear 6 wks ago.  My eardrum rupured and I was referred to an ENT, by the 3rd Dr.I saw, my reg.MD. ENT cleaned out my ear, did a biopsy and told me I had a fungus. I had been on several diff RX's from the other Drs.,but none worked.  ENT put me on fluconazole otic gtts. I took it 10 days, got alittle better, but then worse. He did another biopsy and found MRSA.  He then put me on cipro ear gtts, and doxycycline hyclate PO 100 mgs x's 21 days.  That was Feb. 11 Also had me putting in 1/2 water and 12 vinegar 5 gtts BID. About 10 days ago, I developed an ear infection in R ear which turned out to be a fungus as well. He referred me to an Infectious Desease Specialist.  He has me doing 2 showers a day using hibiclens, and sanitizing my apt, bed lenins and any clothes I have worn.  He also wrote me a RX for Itraconazole for the fungus.  He said he needs the biopsy from the ENT results to see what kind of fungus it is, as he might need to change the antibiotics I am taking and possibly change the fungus RX. I am a retired nurse, and I know that both of these are difficult to get rid of.  I am especially concerned about the MRSA, as I know it is virilent, and can even be fatal, in certain cases.  Please help me, if you can to allay my fears about the seriousness of all this, esp the MRSA. Can the MRSA spread deeper thru the ruptered ear drum?  Where else can it spread? Any possiblity that it could go systemic? With proper treatment, can these two ailments be gotten rid of for good, or is there a chance they could return? Could this MRSA get into a fatal  situation with me? How?  The specialist told me last week, if we can't get rid of these on the protocyl we are on, then he will treat me as an in-patient and do IV antibiotics. I trust him and my ENT Dr. My biggest concern, of course, is the mortality issue.  Please help me with some medical knowledge and tell me what you think my prognosis is.  Thank you so much !
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try aloe vera. or neem both are antibacterial and antifungal
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