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I've been having nausea or ' morning sickness' for the past year and it only seems to get worse. I can eat and drink a little b

Posted by Katelyn A. Facebook

 My body seems to wake me up early every day, around 3-6 am depending sometimes. I have school at 8 am and it's very hard to get ready for school when I feel so nauseous and I've lost alot of days .  I've had the nausea for a year but it's usually worse in the winter as I can't really handle temperature differences. If it goes from warm to cold then I'll get Physically ill.  I have a poor immune system so I'm used to getting a cold alot but this is constant and usually the only system I have.

 Recently I have alot been getting heat rashes and swelling on my skin if I scratch at it which I didn't use to get before.  I've also been getting headaches more recently every couple of days and I have a white mucousy vaginal discharge if that helps with anything i'm unsure.

 There's no possibility of pregnancy so lets rule that out. I'm so tired of missing school and throwing up all the time . I don't know what I should do. I've been to the doctors and had countless bloodwork done , they just keep telling me I have an Iron Deficiany- which I know about and usually doesn't bother me most of the time.

 So Symptoms I've had in the last month most recent are:

- Nausea and morning sickness.

- Heat rashes

- Light headedness spells.

- painful periods / cramps - I don't usually have cramps.

- Headaches.


If someone could give me any clue what to do or what might be wrong that would be great , thanks.

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