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I think I have a bacterial infection but I don't have health care, is it likely or not that I can get well on my own or should I

Posted by docornot?

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First things first.  Regardless of whether you have a bacterial infection or not, your chances of getting well depend a lot on your baseline health prior to getting sick.  That's why it's so important to eat right and exercise regularly to improve your health & chances of recovery.  With that said, the next factor is how badly you're infected.  It's certainly more difficult to get over an nasty infection on your own than with help, but not impossible. 


As you're probably aware, bacterial infections typically respond to antibiotics (assuming no resistance) while viral infections laugh at antibiotics.  So it's probably a good idea to get evaluated by your family physician to determine which you have and to get appropriate therapy.


Even if you don't have health insurance, you can still obtain free or low cost care (at least here in the States).  Check out my post on my blog for how to look for your options (sorry, I can't seem to set up links appropriately).  Good luck!


PS Signs of spreading bacterial infection may include redness, red streaks, pain, pimple/abscess (pus pocket), swollen/painful lymph nodes, and fever/sweats/chills (although this last symptom can accompany viral infections, too).  Infections inside the abdomen can lead to the same fever/sweats/chills and may be accompanied by abdominal pain, mass, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, etc.  Obviously, the location of the bacterial infection will lead to different symptoms.

In addtion to what dr. Lin suggested, the right question would be, what are your symtoms and how or who came up with the diagnosis? Secondly, boosting your immune system is a good idea against a myriad of diseases floating around us, at all times. This you can do by eating foods with antibacterial properties, like garlic, honey and others, i.e. applying them topically. Help the body, and it will heal itself, or keep healthy. Keep mind and body in tune!
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