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I still have a lump in my arm, from a tetanus shot I ws given over a YEAR AGO.. is this normal?

Posted by Needea

I got a severe laceration on my arm 1-1-09, I got a tetanus shot which hurt worse than the cut itself.. the pain in my arm grew severe after the shot, red & swollen,to the point it hurt to move my arm or sleep on that side.. ... and a lump formed.. eventually the pain subsided, but the lump is still here.. at the injection site.  It has been over a yr.. My family is concerned I might have a serious issue.. I am without medical insurance and whenever I went back to the ER I was brushed away... any advice? I see alot online from people who had similiar side effects from a tetanus shot, but none who's lump  lasted over a yr.. I am lucky I guess, bc I see lots who have had more serious reactions that still plague them.. I just have a lump left and a big scar from stitches where I was cut that night I had to get the tetanus shot...
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hey there, did you get any answers?  i also have the same situation, i got a tetanus shot about a year ago and my arm got very swollen, i had a bruise and a huge bump.  it hurt so bad for days after but it eventually stopped hurting, until recently!  i notice a bump on my arm in the same exact spot that started out sore and even though the bump isn't getting bigger the spot really hurts!  i don't have any insurance either so i don't wanna have to go to the doctor to see what the deal is.  i have searched and searched online to find someone with the same situation as mine but i have yet to find anything, so i am curious to know if you got anywhere!!  thanks
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