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I select Superior Rune of Rage as my rune.

Posted Mar 18 2013 6:33am

??After make a summary of the build, I plan to make introduction of the weapons, traits one by one. Weapons come first. I select Staff as my major weapon, and Shelter as the health-recovery skill. And I select Save Yourself as my common skill. It offers me 14 minutes Fury, which is able to increase the critical damage chance by 20%, and another 5% chance to gain Fury that fasten 50 seconds. Besides Save Yourself, I also choose Contemplation of Purity and Wall of Reflection as the other two common Guild wars 2 items skills. In addition, elite skill is also very important if you had access to select one. I select Renews Focus as my elite skill. There are many merits and advantages to Staff, for example, 1. no dead angle in melee combat within a sector area; 2. efficient fasten skill and great damage; 3. the wall to block enemies from withdraw, and etc. With this, I equip my character well on the matter of critical damage.


??I select Superior Rune of Rage as my rune. And I'll make an analysis of Traits next, which is used to make up the shortcoming of no critical damage chance. I allocate the whole seventy points into three sectors as below: 0 0 30 20 20. Firstly, I distribute 30 points to Valor because its Valorous Defense can help me recover health, Courageous Return recharges virtue, and Might of the Protector Gw2 gold gains might. Next, I select Purity as my slot, which is able to eliminate a condition every ten second. Secondly, 20 points to Honor. On one hand, it gains one second of vigor when critical hit with Vigorous Precision; on the other hand, it is good for healing allies through Selfless Daring. As for slot, I select Superior Aria and Two-handed Mastery to fasten 20% CD period more in Shouts and Two-handed Weapons. Thirdly, I allocate the rest twenty points on Virtues. Virtue is a unique skill to Guardian. It is not only good to remove condition for myself, but also remove the condition for the allies around me.

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