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I'm having dizziness, intense fatigues, slight constipation, dark cells and an aversion for all that is sweet.

Posted by Nathalie777

Have seen three doctors so far and no one knows what I have.  It's been 6 weeks since it started.  It's like intense nausia.  I have headaches, fatigue, diszziness, upset stomach.  I could barely eat anything a few weeks ago, but now that I can eat, I still can't stand sweet things, from chocolate to morning cereals.

I was given medicine for the nausia and the upset stomach but the feelings still come back.  I don't havestomach cramps anymore but the tiredness and dizziness is still there.

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I'm not an expert, but can only throw out a few suggestions.  Have you kept a food diary?  Stomach issues generally produce symptoms along those lines.  New medication, vitamin, supplement?  Or get off something of that sort, even coffee or Tylanol (withdrawal)?  

 I'm guessing you've searched around the web to see what over people are saying and if anyone has similar symptoms?   

 I feel your pain.  I have chronic pain with a plethora of symptoms including IBS and it took years to diagnose.  I hope you find a solution soon.  Good luck!

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