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I love this writer on Intelligent Design

Posted Oct 21 2008 6:19pm

Roddy Bullock, a freelance writer and the Executive Director of the Intelligent Design Network of Ohio and author of The Cave Painting: A Parable of Science, has written some of the best, most insightful articles regarding the controversies between Darwinisn and Intelligent Design.  I have stayed away from this topic because I have been busy with my job at but I still retain a strong interest in the subject.

I especially like his article"Atheism and the Long Lever of Darwinism: Moving the World".  I think it is the most concise summary of the situation as it exists today.  And the situation is not a good one IMO.  Given that worldviews shape governments, judicial systems, educational systems and what people do in the day to day existence, it portends bad things I believe.  Atheistic societies have not fared well in history it seems to me.

I think you might enjoy all his articles here.

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