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I keep having a sharp pain under my left lower ribs, heartburn,insomnia, and feeling of fullness in upper abdomen under sternum.

Posted by gumbyh20

I keep getting a SHARP stabbing pain under my lower left ribcage, once the pain was so sharp and sudden I passed out.I've gotten it alot, but usually goes away. I've these pains now off and on for 2 days, each lasting several minutes. It hurts worse when I breath in.I have sever insomnia,heartburn not helped by antacids so bad I can't lie down flat or sleep,and a feeling of extreme fullness and bloating in upper abdomen,but I haven't eaten in hours, and fullness in upper abdomen under breast bone. I do not have my gallbladder, or appendix. I am a 26 yr old female, 195lbs. 5'4". I have been diagnosed with ulcers, IBS,TMJ,policystic ovary syndrome. I haven't been sick for over a year, and have been in fairly good health for the last year or so, nothing to go to the doctor about, Im not pregnant.

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  I have acid reflux or Gerd and the heartburn is awful.  I am on Prevacid and it has stopped all of the heartburn.  I am careful to sit up for 2 hours after I eat.  Fried foods and chocolate makes it worse.
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