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I hope this is the last follow up with the Dr.

Posted Jun 03 2009 4:54pm
I had a good visit with Dr. Benjamin today. She had a student Dr. with herand the student was absolutely amazed that a person with a double cerebellar stroke could do so well. What is interesting is that is the first time that I have been told that the worst part of my stroke was not the was the brain stem stroke. She said that by the time the swelling gets bad enough to effect the brain stemmost people die. In my caseI am amazing every neurologist with my ability to dobasicallyeverything. Dr. Benjamin said thatprobablynobody in Des Moines had ever operated on someone with a cerebellar stroke that went double sided. Her exact words were that these types of things (me walkingtalkingdrivingetc.) just don't happen. It is not that they are rarethey just don't happen. In the endI am a walking miracle and I am amazed every day that I live and breathe. Praise the Lord.
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