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I have swollen groin lymph nodes following recent surgery.I will not be back in the US to see a Dr for 3 more days.Will I be ok?

Posted by Wendy H. Facebook

my tuck in the Dominican Republic 11 days ago.  6 days after the procedure I had the drain tube removed.  When the Dr was removing it, I felt pulling and sharp pain on my left lower abdomen/upper left pelvic region.  Yesterday I went back to the Dr to get my sutures removed and I showed the Dr that my left abdomen was very swollen and painful in the parts that weren't numb.  He used a needle and 100 ml syringe and aspirated almost 100 ml of blood/fluid.  I have noticed since yesterday that my upper inner thighs are very painful, esp to walk and my lymph nodes in my groin stick up above my skin about 1/2 inch and are very hard.  My question, I fly back to the US Monday and will be able to see a Doc earliest tuesday (today being saturday), Is this something that can wait until then?  I truly do not want to get further medical attention here and would much rather wait unless extremely necessary.  Please advise!
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Your lymph nodes are likely reactively inflamed from your surgical procedure. It sounds like you developed a post-operative seroma that needed aspiration. These typically tend to recur and need to be aspirated multiple times. Your swollen lymph nodes may also be a sign of infection brewing at the site of surgery. I would see a Dr. (preferably a surgeon) as soon as you get back from your trip.
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