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i have painful reddish purple spot on my toes and fingers which causes swelling

Posted by april

for the last year i have been getting very painful reddish purple spot on my toes now they are on my fingers my feet and hands turn dark purple and stay cold during this time. where the spots are is stay very swollen and are very painful. i have look everywhere i can't find nothing about this. can you help .
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DId you ever find out what is causing this? My wife has them on her fingertips on one hand. They come and go and are very painful. It is only on two fingers. She has had all kinds of tests done but no-one can tell her what it is.
Could this be Chilblains?  These are painful swollen red lumps on fingers and toes caused by having cold feet and hands and trying to warm them up too quickly, this causes ruptured blood vessels called Chilblains. They start to itch when they start to heal. Try and keep fingers and toes as warm as possible,, try infra red socks!!!
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