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I have no symptoms other than fluid under my left eye this has been a week now what are possibilities?

Posted by johnsdeer

this started as unusually dark circle that I put down to being without sleep for about 2 days but it developed into fluid sack-still dark-I feel if I poked it with a pin I would get about a tablespoon of fluid. No real discharge or pain-mild feeling of eye strain later in the day.  it has been a week now have tried sinus meds and both warm and cold compresses-cold seems to help discomfort and that is all.
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This sounds very much like what I have- and for me it only comes after I've been at our place on the beach for the week-end.  I've been trying to figure out what I eat or do do differently there, but nothings is making sense to cause this.  There's no real pain or discomfort, but it's REALLY ugly looking -dark pink circle below my eye and a couple of pockets of fluid.  Usually it's considerably worse in one eye.  I have an appointment with an allergist in a dermatology clinic in about 10 days.   Here's my theory- I sleep on my face on the week-ends at the beach without a pillow, cradling my eyes in the palms of my hands.  I'm thinking maybe I am  blocking circulation of blood or lymph fluid and it pools under my eyes.  Do you do anything like this or maybe standing on your head, doing a lot of yoga with your head in a lower position.  This is my non-medical guess.
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