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I have had low red cell count for 1 year. Scopes, both ends and pill cam. Count between 13 and 6.1. have been in the hospital

Posted by Ken Maes

Pill camera showed a small pool of blood in the stomach.  No bleed found after 2 scopes from each end.  Blood count went from 13 to 8.1 in 4 days at one period.  Von Willebrands test negative.  In the hospital they tested my stool on 3 occasions, 3 separate days and found no blood in the stool.  I was given 3 pints of blood in that duration and count went from 6.1 to 8, then back to 7.4.  With no blood in the stool and no abdominal tenderness, or any other signs, what could be causing the red count to drop?  The specialists believe it is a bleed within the digestive tract.  How could that be, if there is no blood in the stool?  I'm 28 years old.
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