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I have been experiencing chronic diarrhoea on and off for periods of up to 9 days.

Posted by drewtyler

I have been experiencing chronic foul smelling diarrhoea over the last few months, each episode lasting for periods of up to 9 days.  Other symptoms i experience are occasional vomiting, nausea, and feeling bloated.   At present I am 7 days into a bout of this and it is affecting my sleeping patterns, my social life and my ability to work. My blood and stool sample tests reveal no irregularities.  There is no blood in my faeces. Being a Coeliac sufferer (of which the symptoms are very different to those I am experiencing at present) I have also investigated the possibility of further food intolerances.  I have managed to rule out further food intolerances through following strict elimination diets. My Doctor is at a loss as to what may be causing my problems and has referred me on to a Gastroenterologist, advising me that i may need a Colonoscopy.  There is a long waiting list ahead of me! Do you have any suggestions as to what may be causing my discomfort? Or do you have any advice on what to suggest?
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