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I have bad knees, but I want to run on the roads...

Posted by Mary O.

I have really bad knees, but I love to run outside. I know that running on dirt and grass and track is better for my knees, but I just want to be able to run out my door and run on the roads---but that will make them worse... How do I stretch or prepare so I CAN run on the roads without doing so much damage!
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braces. my old roommate had that problem too. She'd run on sidewalks since they into gravel or grass frequently. She also wore a knee brace (which she could disguise in cropped workout pants). She's still running so I guess it works!
Sometimes bad knees are the result of over pronation causes by low arches. You can buy  that correct that. Also check the bottoms of your shoes. If most of the wear is on the big toe, then you are definetely over pronating.  
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