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I have an extreamly constant high white blood cell count for over 2 yrs now.

Posted by ac4107

I can not stay awake even after a full nights sleep .I have fallen asleep at the wheel of my car numerous times I fall asleep in the shower dosent matter what I am doing I fall asleep. I have severe pain all the time throughout my whole body it feeels like my bones hurt. I am dizzy all the time and nauses. Even the onocologist cant figure it out but he has me come in every month for tests.
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Have you discussed these problems thoroughly with your doctor?

It's possible that you have a subclinical digestive tract infection. Unless you have been having digestive problems, it's likely that your doctor would not test you for these.

But even without digestive tract problems, it's EXTREMELY likely that someone who has cancer (and has been through treatment for it??) has a weakened immune system that has allowed a digestive tract infection to settle. 

Unfortunately, even if you have a progressive doctor who HAS tested you for these infections- it's likely to come back negative because the regular hospital laboratories DO NOT do a good job at finding these pathogens.

And doctors do not do a very good job at treating them either, choosing to use antibiotics and antifungals which do not address the reason WHY you got these infections in the first place. 

But all is not hopeless, there are many good practitioners who use specialty laboratories that are excellent at catching these intestinal pathogens and know how to treat them. 

Practitioners who would know how to find these infections are Functional Medicine Practitioners and Naturopaths. 

Kerri Knox, RN

Functional Medicine Practitioner



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